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Operation GO

In December over 500 Pastors and Church leaders were trained on OperationGo. The raining is centered soul Winning, Discipleship, Church revitalization geared to planting more healthy churches to the Regions Beyond

Mission 2023

At Lighthouse Baptist Temple we have been immensely Blessed to Minister to new immigrants and refugees coming to charlottesville area. Most of the people we meet are from Africa. I services include but is not limited to financial assistance, English as a Second Language, Job Couching and placement, Drivers education, emotional, and spiritual support. Many are still suffering from PTSD from years of war and torture as they fled for dear life. God Blessed us with our property some nine years ago. We Own 2.5 acres of land in Northern Albemarle County. One of our goals is to build a Transitional home on the campus to support those who would be in need. If you feel led to help in such an endeavor kindly reach out to us for more information. Donate  
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Myrtle Clary Jones Charitable Trust

Since the commissioning of the well in September 2021, the Myrtle Clary Charitable Trust in partnership with operationGo International has given provided 1.375M liters of water for free to the community. We also support national Pastors , widows and orphans. The Ministry center home of OperationGo International, Myrtle Clary Charitable Trust and Faith Baptist Church is 85% complete. We praise God for the generosity of His people across the globe making this possible.
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Mission 2023

Coming Soon! - Participate in the dedication of our new “Kenyan Ministry Center.”
- Shop for handmade souvenirs.
- Experience a 3-day world-class Safari.
- All travel is by air-conditioned bus;