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Potential of 2018 Trip

  • 50 to 100 national pastors will be trained and equipped.

  • Evening crusades will reach thousands with the Gospel.

  • The Witness Project will be introduced to over 500 pastors.

  • A return trip will be scheduled to train and equip 1000 plus national pastors.

  • The local host church will be established as a regional office.

Potential 2019 Trip

Each national pastor attending will be trained and equipped to return to his church and, in turn, train and equip 100 lay soul winners in the next 24 months. Each soul winner will average winning 10 to the Lord per year. Therefore, for every pastor attending, the potential is to reach 1000 for Christ in the next 24 months while planting one or more churches. This campaign, with God’s blessings, has the potential to reach 400,000 for Christ in the following 24 months while planting hundreds of churches. And, those reached will begin to “multiply greatly”. Click here for more info

Consider This

All of the Operation Go training material, the SWDI Syllabus and discipleship material have already been translated into Swahili. With Kenya being positioned as the gateway to East Africa, an entirely new section of the world will be opened to the Witness Project.

Many unreached people groups, inhabited with those who have never heard of Jesus, will be won to Christ, churches established and Gospel outreaches multiplied. Additionally, soul winning and church planting will be established in existing churches.

Kenya will join India, the Philippines, Central America and other countries in providing a platform to launch the Witness Project's outreach into multiple neighboring countries.

OperationGo 2019 Kenya East Africa
The Event

A 3 day International Soul Winning Director’s Institute; training and equipping national pastors in Soul Winning and Church Planting. 200 delegates will attend Several East African countries will be represented (kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia and The Congo) Literature (syllabus only) will be printed. Enhanced CDs used for equipping.