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Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple: Donation a miracle in many ways

By Bryan McKenzie

Dec 24, 2014

Faith Painter received an anonymous donation of $52,000 in a Christmas Card to help the congregation at Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple on buy the property it occupies in Albemarle County.The congregation led by the Rev. Peter Chege, found inside that envelope a new home.

American Woman Walks 160 Miles To Raise Money For Kenyan Church

By Diaspora Messenger

Sep 17, 2014

Hakuna Matata Tembea: A Charlottesville woman is helping out a local church one step at a time. Fay Painter is raising money for the Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple in Albemarle County. She is doing so by walking more than 160 miles along “El Camino deSantiago” from France to a cathedral in Spain.

Kenyan Congregation Finds A Home In Charlottesville Virginia

By Diaspora Messenger

Dec 30, 2013

Charlottesville, VA Just in time for Christmas, the Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple has found a church property near Stony Point to become its permanent home. The small congregation of ten families formed three years ago, and has been renting space in area schools to conduct their weekly service. “We already have added adult Bible study classes, and we hope to start children’s Sunday school this coming year,” said Pastor Peter Chege. “We are so blessed to finally have a place of our own to expand our ministry.”

Worshippers from many backgrounds gather at Albemarle’s Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple

By J. Reynolds Hutchins - The Daily Progress

Dec 27, 2013

At Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple, more than 15 nationalities from those countries gather every week for worship. “We have people from Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania,” said the Rev. Peter Chege, the church pastor. Previously Holy Trinity Church, the white chapel with green trim is the congregation’s new home for the holidays, Chege said. It’s a Christmas gift unlike any other for the congregation, primarily composed of immigrants and refugees from war-torn central Africa.